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Becky J. Kidd, CEO

Ms. Kidd began her business career working for Texas Instruments in the DOD division as a data manager for government contracts. She used Navy 3M data to identify training deficiencies and subsequently linked the deficiencies to operational readiness. After analyzing curriculum materials, she realized the need for new military standards (or specs) for better aircraft maintenance training for the U.S. Military. 

Focused on solving operational readiness problems plaguing U.S. military weapons systems, Ms. Kidd founded Training Gallery, Inc. (TGI) in order to apply Skill Sheet® technology. TGI developed Skill Sheets for the Navy and Air Force. Evaluations by both the Navy and Air Force concluded that Skill Sheet technology resulted in the significant reduction of maintenance time, improvement of operational readiness, and cost savings  more>

Becky J. Kidd
Chief Executive Officer 

Janet M. Bjork
Vice President
Vici R. Vanderpool
Business Development


Board of Directors


Robert L. Roy, P.E.


Sterling Kline





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Becky J. Kidd






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