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Our vision includes expanding capacity in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in the United States



About PharmaDallas



PharmaDallas is a unique, not-for-profit pharmaceutical organization committed to solving the quality and shortage issues for critically needed generic medicines.



PharmaDallas was officially launched on April 22, 2017 at EarthDay Texas in Dallas. During the EarthDay Texas event, PharmaDallas exposed critical issues surrounding the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in a formal presentation, which included the new company's goals and objectives to address the shortage and quality problems in the drug industry. 

After performing extensive due diligence, PharmaDallas began building a team of experts to develop innovative solutions and strategies for addressing these major problems in the industry today.


PharmaDallas is developing new ideas, methods and models for the production and delivery of generic drugs at fair prices.


To report drug shortages

please click here or

214-295-1066 ext. 702

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