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PharmaDallas is focused on integrating cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to assist in the coordination, management and delivery of high quality, vital medicines for patients in our country.





Our Products


Working with manufacturing partners to strict GMP standards, we are initially focusing on drugs listed on the chronic FDA shortage list. 


Selection of products will also be guided by clinical partners who will define the greatest gaps in availability of medicines that affect patient care. Products will be initially focused on those medications in short supply that are vital in managing the critically ill, including our veterans, our armed forces, children, and all patients requiring emergency medical care.


Aseptic injectable products have comprised a substantial part of the shortage list, and have major impact in treating our sickest patients. Capacity for production of aseptic drugs, as well as solid dosage forms for oral administration will be developed, guided by public health need.








To report drug shortages

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214-295-1066 ext. 702

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