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PharmaDallas is creating and implementing new ideas for the production, management and delivery of generic drugs at fair prices.






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To provide quality pharmaceutical products at a reasonable cost, focusing on those medications in short supply that are vital in managing the critically ill, including our veterans, our armed forces, children, and all patients requiring emergency medical care. PharmaDallas is creating and implementing new ideas for the production, management and delivery of generic drugs at fair prices.


In the United States, we are facing a chronic shortage of older, generic medicines, particularly sterile intravenous products that are crucial to the care of our sickest patients. Traditional market forces for many of these products have failed to assure a sustainable quality supply of drugs, and for many, there may be, at most, a single manufacturer producing them. Prices for these drugs have fallen to the point where the traditional for-profit sector has not been able to assure a reliable market. Despite many efforts on the part of the FDA and attention brought to the issue, there remain medicines that have been in short supply for years, placing patients in need at risk. 



PharmaDallas has brought together experts in pharmaceutical manufacturing, regulation, pharmacoeconomics, public health and clinical care. We have developed a novel non-profit approach to assure high quality products in an ongoing, sustainable manner, and at a fair and reasonable price.


  1. To create a new business model to keep the cost of these older medicines as low as possible consistent with assurance of availability and quality.

  2. To effectively address central issues for public health:




  • To work with government agencies (e.g., VA, DOD, FDA, etc.) decreasing government burden

  • To maintain highest credibility and focus on patients in need, not on profits/shareholder value

  • To provide broader opportunities for research and education through philanthropy.

  • To be able to work effectively among hospital/hospital systems, and universities

  1. Validate our approach economically

  2. Continuously define current and future medication needs

  3. Train the next generation of pharmaceutical engineers and manufacturers

  4. Be a major educational provider in quality systems and regulatory compliance for a broad audience

  5. Develop novel approaches to  manufacturing and distribution technologies.


To address these needs head-on – and promptly, PharmaDallas has developed a leadership team of world-class experts in the manufacture and quality production of these critically needed medications. While additional manufacturing facilities are being developed, PharmaDallas is collaborating with a number of small and medium sized pharmaceutical production companies - many with current spare capacity and planned expansion – in order to quickly  proceed to meet this urgent need.

PharmaDallas, as the strategic leader in this collaboration, will be responsible for ensuring the production, quality and distribution of the medications needed. Since the needs of our veterans, military, children and EMS patients are quite similar to the needs of our general US population, we will deliver these required generic medications at significant levels that will also provide additional relief for the nation-wide shortage issues.

The PharmaDallas team of industry experts, with extensive knowledge of existing problems and a commitment to their solution, has created a model that will modernize the production and delivery of medicines for the United States.

The development of collaborations between generic manufacturers, utilizing spare capacity for the manufacturing of needed drugs at fair and reasonable prices, along with collaborations of hospital chains and government agencies, will provide for a direct mechanism to coordinate the production of high quality medications to meet the needs of our nation.


PharmaDallas is creating and implementing new ideas for the production, management and delivery of generic drugs at fair prices.




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